Datasheet #1 Problem Tree and Opportunities

Functional Competency: Critical Thinking

It allows to identify the problems and to maximize the opportunities of an idea.

Datasheet #4 Building Partnerships

Functional Competency: Values

It is a tool to design common understanding, and to use knowledge through various and different perspectives.

Datasheet #5 Team Building

Functional Competency: Commitment, Values

This tool aims to help in the process of analyzing the needs and existing human resources to successfully develop the project or initiative.

Datasheet #07 Definition of Challenge

Functional Competency: Critical Thinking, Proactivity

It is a team work tool to facilitate the emerging of new ideas about a specific topic or problem.

Datasheet #09 Innovation Flow Diagram

Functional Competency: Social Analysis

It is a tool developed by Nesta and offers a detailed outline of several stages in the innovation process, activity listings, requirements and goals in each phase.

Datasheet #10 Focus Group Interview

Functional Competency: Investigation

The focus group is a qualitative technique to study the opinions and attitudes of an audience, used in social sciences and business studies.

Datasheet #14 Generating ideas

Functional Competency: Critical Thinking

This template is useful to generate new ideas.

Datasheet #16 Identifying Target Audience

Functional Competency: Social Analysis

This tool is recommended to obtain a general overview of the people that your initiative or project looking to assist. 

Datasheet #17 Identifying support networks

Functional Competency: Involve the community, Identifying support networks

This tool is designed to assist innovators identify the supports they count upon, while developing the initiative or project of entrepreneurship or social innovation. ​

Datasheet #20 Investigation of secondary sources

Functional Competency: Investigation, Theoretical knowledge

It refers to any document containing organized and elaborated information, resulting from the analysis, extraction or reorganization from documents primarily original.

Datasheet #21 Brainstorming

Functional Competency: Opening

It is a team work tool to facilitate the emerging of new ideas on a given issue or problem.

Datasheet #23 Mapping groups of interest

Functional Competency: Opening

This tool allows visualizing all the stakeholders involved in the process of social innovation.

Datasheet #24 Mind Maps

Functional Competency: Investigation

 A mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, readings, drawings, or other related concepts and radically arranged around a keyword or central idea.

Datasheet #25 People and Connections Mapping

Functional Competency: Critical Thinking

A visualization tool used to identify the parties interested in getting involved the project, and how this action will be carried out

Datasheet #26 Customer Experience Mapping

Functional Competency: Involve the community, Social Analysis, Entrepreneurship, Critical Thinking

It is a tool inherited from Design Thinking [1] that helps to understand the customer experience and its interrelation with a product or service.

Datasheet #28 Delphi Method

Functional Competency: Investigation

It is a structured communication technique, developed as a systematic and interactive prediction method, based on panel of experts. 

Datasheet #29 SWOT Methodology

Functional Competency: Identifying problems and solutions, Social Analysis

Tool to study the state of a company, institution, project or person; and to use a matrix to analyze their internal characteristics and external condition.

Datasheet #31 Logic Models

Functional Competency: Productivity

This template is useful to generate new ideas.

Datasheet #34 Quick Prototyping

Functional Competency: Critical Thinking

Useful tool to test an idea or a project

Datasheet #36 Co-Creation Sessions

Functional Competency: Opening

Co-Creation is a collective work methodology that considers the users of a design partners in its creation.

Datasheet#37 Thinking Hats

Functional Competency: Critical Thinking

This template is useful to generate new ideas.

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